Clothing Industry - Show Your Numbers

Clothing Industry - Show Your Numbers

Fast fashion distorts the understanding of the true cost of clothing, and the costs and processes are hidden from the consumers. Today’s consumers don’t necessarily know what kinds of steps the manufacturing process includes and how much those steps cost. Also, it can be unclear how much the brand’s share is and how companies use their profit margins. That’s why, we decided to publish our cost structure of each product transparently on our website.

By opening the price structure to the public, we aim to shed light on how much it costs to manufacture a product in a sustainable way taking into account all the costs – not just the price on the rack. At Népra, transparency is not limited to the "made in" labels on the hangtag. We continuously search for new ways to make our business more transparent to our customers and, at the same time, increase transparency in the whole industry.



Since we founded Népra in 2015, we have got questions about responsibility and our pricing. For us, this is a clear message that the textile and clothing industry needs more transparency when it comes to cost structure. When searching this topic a bit closer, we didn't find that many companies who set the example and show their numbers!

You have the right to know where their money goes. In the traditional retail price model, companies create three different prices: full price, partially discounted, and rock bottom final discount. However, Népra's price strategy differs from the traditional models, and we want to offer you the fairest price possible. From now on, you can find the price structure in an uncomplicated visual format on each product page on our website (see example below). We have divided the costs into five categories: production, company, fulfillment, VAT, payment fees, and charity.


Népra-Phobos Bomber Men-Price Transparency


We want you to know what you pay for, and we want to help you to make a sustainable purchase process by providing you with all the information about the item we possibly can. Also, we hope to inspire other companies to be more transparent and show their numbers.

If you are curious to read more about this action towards a more responsible and transparent clothing industry, Planet Company has rated and commented on our sustainability action. 


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