For The Long Run

For The Long Run

We're in it for the long run 

We are in business to make a tangible difference in the fashion & garment industry, which is known as the second-largest polluter in the world and for its extremely bad working conditions. We create durable, timeless, and multi-functional activewear in small batches to make sure nothing gets wasted, and you can buy less and use more.

We can’t keep consuming clothing in the way we have learned to consume. We need less but more quality and more ecological choices. The most sustainable items are the ones in our closets, the ones we use in the long run.

This is not just about you buying sustainable activewear or us creating it. Together we are improving, learning, and on our way to create a more sustainable world.

Let’s stay in this together, for the long run. #forthelongrun


Ama, Essi, Elsa & Aino


#wearnepra #forthelongrun



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