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  • November 26, 2020 1 min read

    In the past five years, Népra has become known as an activewear brand that makes you feel good. Lately, we have been thinking: can we become a clothing brand thatdoes good

    We are widely aware that we are part of the problem. The clothing industry causes more emissions than air and ship traffic together. Yet, we are determined to become part of the solution instead of empty words and marketing messages.

    Black Friday represents for us the illusion of cheap prices and gluttony. The overshoot day for Finland was the 4th of April this year. In Germany, it was on the 3rd of May. This Black Friday, we kindly ask you, do you need to spend money now? Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution?



    Ama, Essi, Elsa & Aino


    Népra blackout

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    Népra is an activewear brand that does good. We think charity work is part of a sustainable business and doing good is in Népra’s DNA. This year, we will continue to work with the John Nurminen Foundation to help protect the Baltic Sea. For every product sold online, we donate 50 cents to charity. Read more on the Speak Of The Frog Népra blog.
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    Since we founded the company, we have wanted to do good, give more than we take, and also make an impact - not only in the textile industry but in the world.

    This year we’ll donate 50 cents for every item you purchase for the John Nurminen Foundation.

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