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  • January 25, 2022 2 min read

    The new year for Népra brought some changes and new beginnings.

    As you know, Népra was founded in 2015 when Essi and Ama fearlessly started to follow their dream and vision about sustainable, ethically-made quality activewear for an active and holistic lifestyle.

    Last six years, we have built Népra with great passion. We have learned a lot and collected plenty of great memories. We can proudly say that Népra has grown from a beautiful idea into a successful business. In 2020 we hired our first employees, Elsa and Aino, and our duo grew into a real frog band.

    Now it’s time to make some changes again - Say goodbye to some of our frog band members and welcome new ones.

    At the end of last year, we started a bigger transformation process. Ama, who has been our band's lead vocalist for years, now took a new chapter in her life. She decided to move to Germany permanently and is now heading towards new challenges. Ama is passing her leadership for Essi, who will be the CEO of Népra from now on. Ama will no longer be a part of Népra’s daily life but will always be appraised for her work and effort for Népra. She was the one behind the idea of Népra so our band would not even exist without her. Essi will continue growing Népra with the same core values and fearlessness as in the very beginning. She is excited for the opportunity to recreate and reinvent Népra and our frog band.

    Elsa, who, during the last two years has taken Népra’s marketing to the next level, is taking a step towards other challenges as well. The frog band is not getting smaller, though, because we have a new member too. Elli Gromov, who has been a part of the Népra Team as a CrossFit athlete since the beginning is joining and continuing in Elsa's shoes.  

    Elli fits in like a true frog lady. She is a multi-talent graduate from Lahti University of Applied sciences, line of clothing design. (FYI: She did her first internship with us in 2016 so our journey together started years ago already) Elli has worked as a CrossFit coach for a few years and competed in several CrossFit and weightlifting competitions. She knows the activewear business and the requirements for long-lasting comfortable clothes for sports. Elli has always dreamed of being a part of making a tangible change in the garment industry and she is excited to bring her effort and ideas to grow Népra sustainably.


    Goodbyes are always sad but we are all heading into this year with a positive mind and an energetic drive. As Népras brand elements: frog and water (FYI: Did you already know Népra means water?) our business is adjusting well for constant changes too. Regardless of how big the changes are, the most important thing will always remain the same: our passion for Népra.

    Like we have said before; creating a business is a marathon - not a sprint. We are in this for the long run. Our excitement levels for the upcoming year are beyond measure. 

    We hope you are excited about this year as well.

    Love, Frog Band

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