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  • April 22, 2021 2 min read

    We reimagined the values of creating activewear six years ago. We saw how big businesses make a profit while supply chain workers struggle to live in dignity. We saw how we need to change the way of doing business for the sake of our own wellbeing, and the health of our earth and oceans.

    For six years, we have taken part in the Fashion Revolution to give a voice to one of the most essential parts of our business: our supply chain partners. We work with small and many times local businesses and without their high-quality work and professionalism, we wouldn't be here today.

    Six Years Of Ethical Business and Fashion Revolution at Népra Activewear That Makes You Feel Good

    It's been 8 years since the tragedy in Rana Plaza in Bangladesh and 8 years since the Fashion Revolution was born. This year, Fashion Revolution Week focuses on the interconnectedness of human rights and the rights of nature.

    "Human rights and the rights of nature are interconnected and interdependent; we are part of the wider living world, and our right to a healthy environment depends on the health of our planet." - Fashion Revolution 2021

    Human exploitation and ecosystem degradation are tightly connected to centuries of colonialism and globalised exploitation. We live in a world where a western-focused world view is appreciated above minority groups, people of colour, women, and non-western perspectives, and where people and environment are not connected. Our fashion industry profits from these irresponsible values, operates opaquely, and continues to exploit human rights and fall short of climate change targets.

    Six Years Of Ethical Business and Fashion Revolution at Népra Activewear That Makes You Feel Good

    "Now we need brands to change their relationships with each other, replacing competition with collaboration to solve the major challenges facing the industry. We need a shift in the relationships between brands and suppliers so that the rights of people and the rights of nature hold more of the power wherever decisions are being made." - Fashion Revolution 2021

    This is our sixth year of ethical business based not only on taking responsibility but based on morals. Every decision we make, and every step we take, is guided by our moral compass. It is not the fastest way of growing a company, but it is the only way for us to do business with a clear conscience.

    It's time for a fashion revolution.


    Frog Band

    Six Years Of Ethical Business and Fashion Revolution at Népra Activewear That Makes You Feel Good

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