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CrossFit Hämeenlinna's group order for Népra is now open!
There is a wide range of products for both men and women; you can add the printed gym logo. Group order products are available for -15%, and logo printing and delivery to the gym are included in the price.
All gym-order products are pre-order products, meaning that the products are only manufactured and printed after the order has been placed. Delivery time for products is 4-6 weeks from the end of the order period. The exact delivery time depends on the final number of orders.
We will be in contact with your gym throughout the ordering process and will keep you informed of the progress of your orders.

Orders are open until Wednesday 21.2.2024.
Please note that logo-printed products are custom-made and not subject to exchange or return.

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How does gym-order work?

Gym-order is a group order specially customised for gym members. Group order products are made and printed to order and delivered to the gym.

When will my gym-order arrive?

Gym-order products will arrive within 4-6 weeks. The estimated schedule is visible on the product page of each SALITILAUS product. All products delivered at once to the gym.
If the schedule changes for reasons beyond our control, we get in contact with all customers that are waiting for their orders.

Can I order gym-order items and in-stock items (from online store) together?

Yes you can, but please note that your order will only be delivered to the gym in full once all gym-order products are ready. If you want to order both gym-order products and in-stock products and you want the in-stock products quickly, we recommend ordering the in-stock products from the online shop separately. If you are not in a hurry and want all products delivered to the gym, you can add the stock products and the gym-order products to the same order. In this case, the products will be delivered to the gym in the same order as soon as the gym-order products are ready.

Can I return or exchange gym-order items?

Products printed with the Gym logo are customized products and unfortunately cannot be exchanged or returned.
If you ordered products without custom printing, they are subject to the standard 14-day exchange and return policy.

Can I cancel my gym-order?

You can cancel your gymorder during the order period, as long as the orders are open. You can do so by emailing us your order number and stating you’d want to cancel. No reason needed, and it’s completely ok if you need to cancel! We will refund your entire order amount.

However, you can't cancel your order after the orders are closed. Products are manufactured to order, so once the order has gone into production, it cannot be changed.

How do I choose the right size?

On the product page you will find a size guide for each product, with a size chart showing the body measurements in different sizes. We recommend taking the body measurements with a flexible tape measure from the top of skin-tight clothing. If your measurements fall between the two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

  • What is gym-order?

    Gym-order is a group order specially customised for gym members. Group order products are made and printed to order and delivered to the gym.

  • Gym-orders -15%

    We offer all gym-order products at a 15% discount. The price also includes the logo printing - no extra costs.

  • Choose the logo style

    You can choose a product with or without the gym's own logo. So you can order products with or without the gym logo in the same order and get all products with a -15% discount and free delivery to the gym.

  • Delivery time

    Gym-orders usually arrive within 4-6 weeks after order period. The estimated schedule is visible on the product description of each SALITILAUS product and SALITILAUS collection page.