What is Népra?

Népra is an activewear brand that makes you feel good. We create holistic, minimalist, ethical clothing. 


The best sustainable act is to buy less but choose well. We want Népra items to fit many kinds of activities beyond the traditional fashion and sport-specific labelling. We sweat and constantly move our bodies in our activewear. Népra activewear needs to feel comfortable while withstanding abrasion, and it needs to last and last after many, many washes. This longevity makes our activewear environmentally friendly as well. With this picture in mind, we source the most comfortable and sustainable fabrics currently available to us.

We have been testing our activewear in CrossFit for over three years now. We think if an item survives in CrossFit then it survives everywhere. Based on this testing, we give recommendations in our product descriptions so you know which products last the longest under the sweatiest conditions, and which are more suitable for lighter, more gentle activities.


The Nordic countries are known for simple and beautiful design. We are proud of our origin and core values as well as our close relationship with nature. We want this to shine through in our brand and products. Thus, we trust in timeless items without seasons.

The designs are based on us thinking, what do we really want to wear time after time? It is, for this reason, we want the Népra Store to be a place for simple, practical, and multifunctional items.

We do not believe in traditional seasons. We create clothing, and then we launch it only when it is ready to be launched. Every single item has been carefully selected based on the ideals we value, and that will continue to be the case in the future.


An ethical and ecological supply chain is self-evident to us. In our world, there is no other choice than manufacturing in fair conditions. All our activewear items are designed in Finland, the fabrics come from northern Italy, and Népra activewear itself is manufactured in Estonia. We want to keep our supply chain as short as possible, and activewear produced locally is an eco-friendly choice, too.

We have nothing to hide! We take full responsibility for our choices and we openly talk about our decisions as transparently as we possibly can. If you have questions, you can always ask.

Activewear that makes you feel good.