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Functional Training At Home

Laura and Marius have been a part of Népra's journey since Népra was founded. Today, they are the owners of CrossFit Fächerstadt and members of our Népra Team

When we ask Laura and Marius about holistic wellbeing, they highlight that health is not only the absence of sickness. They both agree that moving your body is the most important thing: it doesn't matter how you like to exercise as long as you keep moving. 

Népra Functional Training At Home Speak Of The Frog Blog Article Marius points out that, even in CrossFit, it is alright to slow down even though the sports art is famous for its high intensity. Laura continues and says that learning to listen to your body plays a huge role in holistic wellbeing. After working in the CrossFit Box, being surrounded by people, and training, her body and mind need stillness, as an example. That's why Laura loves to cook while listening to her favourite podcast. She explains that cooking is her "me-time" when she can concentrate on snipping veggies and being present. Marius notes how he has learnt to appreciate a good night's sleep. He says he often feels restless, and it's hard to fall asleep. That's why Marius has needed to build routines to calm down before going to bed, and nowadays, he makes sure he gets 7,5-8 hours of sleep every night. 

Népra Functional Training At Home Speak Of The Frog Article

Now in the COVID times, Laura has found stillness in nature. She likes to go jogging in the morning, listen to some thriller book or podcast, and get some fresh air. Sometimes it's also refreshing to hear the sounds of nature. Laura enjoys the little things in life, such as watching a beautiful sunset and being present in the moment.

We asked them to create a fun and easily tailored functional training for anyone to try out at home. For this one, you don't need any equipment. 


Four Rounds For Time

50 Air squats

40 Reverse lunges

30 Sit-ups

20 Push-ups

10 Burpees

Rest 2 minutes between each round. 

Holistic wellbeing & functional training at home on Népra Blog

Holistic health, wellbeing, and functional training on Speak Of The Frog Népra Blog

You can tailor this workout to suit your needs. If it seems too much or you only have a little bit of time, start with just one round. If this is a piece of cake for you, try it with some extra weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells.  

We have posted an instruction video on Népra IGTV. Go and check that out before heading to training! 

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