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Every item in our minimalist collection has been carefully selected based on the ideals we value; comfort, longevity, and performance. We aim to design and sell a finished product that goes well with other items. The fine (Italian) materials, the carefully created patterns, and professional sewers are the recipe for perfect fitting and timeless activewear.


We source the best quality materials available to us, and we always choose recycled material when possible. Over 50% of our items are made using recycled polyamide; plastic waste collected from oceans and landfills, or recycled polyester and cotton; materials made from post-consumer and industry waste.  


Transparency is the key to changing our industry. We neither want to create clothing at the cost of other beings or the environment, nor do we want to overcharge our customers. We share a full list of our manufacturing partners, so you know who makes your favourite items and where the fabrics are made, and then make an informed decision.


We believe in excellent quality, and we design and produce Népra activewear with the greatest care. We consider all the costs, not just the price on the rack; what our sewers earn, what the environmental costs are, and finally, what kind of value we bring to you. That’s why we publish our cost structure for each product transparently when you make your purchase.


We want to continue sharing our passion for ethical manufacturing and holistic wellbeing. The knowledge we have gained since Népra’s inception is the perfect foundation for us to spread the word on how we all play a part in taking responsibility for our planet’s health.




For The Long Run

We are an activewear brand that does good. And we are an activewear brand with bigger goals to aim for still. We are passionate about making activewear that stands the test of use and time, and driving change in the way we behave as consumers. Like the Népras you wear, we are here to stay.