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  • August 13, 2020 3 min read

    This spring and summer, the Népra Frog Band got a chance to test Ann&Ann hybrid coaching programs. We have been using a user-friendly app that has provided us with helpful tools and thought-provoking tasks but also, we have had regular personal video meetings with our health professionals Anna Seppänen and Annette Evokari.


    Anna Seppälä and Annette Evokari from Ann&Ann coaching #wearnepra

    Increasing cumulative wellbeing as a team 

    We all started with a Reboot Intro program which we felt was an optimal start to our wellbeing project. Our goal during this project hasn’t only been increasing everyone’s wellbeing but also our cumulative wellbeing as a team. In a small remote company, hiring the first employee is a huge change, and we have done everything we can to take care of all the dimensions of team building; sharing the workload is just one of the many aspects.

    As entrepreneurs, we have noticed it is so easy to forget to take time to analyze our values, use of time, and wellbeing. During our daily lives, it is so easy to fall in the trap where work is everything, and everything else comes second–in case there is some energy left after it. The Reboot Intro is a balanced program that made us reflect on the current state of our holistic wellbeing and health, how we use and manage our time, and most importantly; are we living by our values. We all got a big picture of our current challenges and areas which want to improve. 



    "Holistic wellbeing is one of Népra’s core values, and this type of shared project helps us to integrate wellbeing into our work, too."

    After the Reboot Intro, we all continued our paths. Some of us wanted to learn a better balance between different areas of life and some of us wanted a fresh start to get the body moving. Our coaches supported the whole journey from the beginning to the end, and they were always there to help in case we needed some extra support. We were also supporting each other's and took time in our Frog Band meetings regularly to share our experiences and progress. Holistic wellbeing is one of Népra’s core values, and this type of shared project helps us to integrate wellbeing into our work, too.


    Unique approach to coaching 

    "There is something very unique in their way to be present and listen to their customers."

    As one size doesn't fit all, we appreciate Anna and Annette’s heartwarming and personalized approach to their coaching. There is something very unique in their way to be present and listen to their customers. These two women truly want to help every individual to improve their wellbeing and health without forcing and dieting, and they always find ways to adjust the intensity of coaching and different exercises to the life situation of the individual.


    Anna Seppälä and Annette Evokari from Ann&Ann coaching


    We can warmly recommend Ann&Ann coaching to your wellbeing journey. We feel it is especially suitable for you who has difficulties in finding new healthy routines regarding sport, nutrition, or recovery. Anna and Annette’s warm and welcoming Reboot Intro is going to give you a wonderful kickstart to your new long-lasting healthy lifestyle!



    Ama, Essi & Elsa


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