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April 05, 2019 3 min read

There are many things we as an activewear brand can do when it comes to the longevity of an item. However, your wardrobe maintenance skills can prolong the lifetime of your favourite items as well. In fact, the more time goes by after buying an item, the more it matters how you take care of your activewear and the less it matters how the item is made in the first place.

It is worth noting that between 15% and 30% of the environmental footprint of any garment comes from its use. Taking good care of your activewear differs a lot from taking care of your basic clothing. We made this post to get your activewear maintenance skills on point!

Taking care of your activewear begins from the moment you choose to buy an item. What kind of use are you looking at for the tights? Is this the first time you are buying this specific item or brand? Do you know the right size? We advise thinking about these points before you hit that “buy" button.

Before buying

Read the product information carefully to find out if the item is right for you. Compare the items and, if you are not sure, you can always send an e-mail and ask.

When you find the right product, make sure you choose the right size. Take a look at the general size guide on our website if there is no specific size table on the product page. If your measurements are very near or partially overlapping with the bigger size, we advise you to choose the larger size.

We try to add all the information regarding use and sizes on the website, but we like to keep it short at the same time. We are happy to answer your more detailed questions via e-mail!  

When you receive your item, try it out and make sure it fits as you would like it to fit. We kindly ask you to respect the clothes even more at this point. Don’t pull the tights too fiercely. Avoid being near strong smells like cooking, because different smells attach easily to the clothing. Finally, fold the items you want to return carefully back into the parcel. If you want to return the item, it must be in the same condition as it was when you received it, i.e. perfect!

After buying

Congratulations; you have now decided to start your journey with a new Népra item! As we mentioned earlier, mastering the wardrobe maintenance skills can prolong the lifetime of your favourite items!

You can find the care instructions of an item on our website under the product information, or attached to the product; so don’t cut the care labels off. We have put them in a nice little pocket so they won’t disturb you at all.

After a sweaty workout, we advise that you wash your activewear as soon as possible even though a general rule for washing clothes is to wash less. Sportswear is a bit different; all stretchy activewear items are made with elastane, and elastane does not like sweat. If you want your Népras to last, do not leave them soaking in sweat for days on end; wash them!

Wash similar colours together and choose a colour-appropriate washing detergent and a low temperature (no more than 40 degrees C). Don’t use fabric softener when washing your activewear, and don’t tumble dry or dry your activewear in the sunlight. These “do not's" are crucial if you want your Népra activewear to bring you long-term joy.

How to care for your Népras with respect:

  1. Before buying, choose the right product and take a look at the size table to ensure you choose the right size
  2. When you receive your item, try it on with respect: don’t pull the tights too fiercely, and, if you want to return any items, fold them carefully and put them back into the parcel
  3. Don’t cut the care labels off
  4. Don’t leave your sweaty Népras lying around for days; wash them as soon as possible
  5. Wash your activewear with similar colours
  6. Choose a colour-appropriate washing detergent and use a low water temperature (no more than 40 degrees C)
  7. Don’t use fabric softener
  8. Don’t tumble dry
  9. Don’t dry your Népras in the sunlight
  10.  Love and take care of your Népras

Until next time!


Ama & Essi

Edited by Alex Burchell

Photos by Julius Töyrylä

This blog post was a part of our #takecare campaign in autumn 2018. 


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