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  • November 14, 2019 2 min read

    Four years of Népra have gone so quickly by, and at the same time, the time we started feels so far away. Now that we look at our beginning, we gently smile to our old selves. As we wrote in last year’s greetings, we had no idea what we were doing. However, the past four years have been the best teacher, and now those vague vision of Népra have turned into clear actions plans how we want to drive this business.

    Népra birthday celebration

    Photo taken in October 2015 in Messilä 

    We started Népra with two thoughts in mind: “Let’s see how it goes." "We will regret it if we don't try.” Despite the lack of skills and knowledge, we were so committed to the project that we were okay to work unpaid for the first two years. In retrospective, Népra was more like a cool hobby project than a super serious business despite the fact we were working full time most of the time. We might have felt very differently back then. Most importantly, we wanted a slow start without a huge budget and that’s what we got it.

    Népra birthday celebration

    Photo taken in June 2017 in Karlsruhe

    Now four years later, we are very happy about the way we have developed. We have created our brand with conscious choices regarding sustainability, products but also how we manage things inside the company. Moreover, we have given ourselves time to get known to each other. If you read our Speak of The Frog blog articles, you know that we founded Népra as two strangers.


    Népra birthday celebration

    Photo taken in May 2016 in Karlsruhe

    Today, Népra doesn’t feel like a hobby anymore, but we have managed to keep the lightness in our teamwork and daily tasks. We believe in modern entrepreneurship and make sure we have enough time for rest, recovery, and other things outside work. Many things have changed through the years, but one thing hasn’t: it feels amazing how supportive, understanding, and enthusiastic supporters we have. No matter if you are a current Népra User or supporting us by following our journey, you are simply the best.

    Thank you for being there and let’s jump to the fifth year of Népra!


    Ama & Essi

    Népra birthday celebration Photo taken in November 2015 in Turku

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