About Recycled Activewear Materials

At the moment, three of our activewear items, Phobos Bomber M, Phobos Bomber W, and Terra Tights, are made of a fabric that is 65% recycled polyamide (nylon), and that recycled polyamide is 100% from plastic waste. For the first time, we can track the entire supply-chain journey of our activewear!

About the recycling process

Nylon waste is collected from all around the globe. The waste can be anything! Plastic and fishing nets, for example, are collected from the oceans, which obviously makes a positive impact on sea life. However, every type of recycled plastic means less plastic-waste pollution going around.

The waste is transported by sea and by tyres to Slovenia where the waste preparation takes place. In the capital of Slovenia, the depolymerisation takes place. In this process, the polymers are converted into monomers.

Polymerisation happens in Slovenia or Italy. The small particles are again put together into polymers through a chemical process. After this process, the raw material can be used for the different needs of the textile industry; it can be spun into yarns, and yarns can be used for fabrics.