Fair Pricing & True Cost

We want to keep our pricing fair, at a level where we can secure ethical production and where we can take the environment into consideration. We rarely do sales, firstly because we want to offer the same prices for everyone. Secondly, our collection consists of timeless items and there is no need for seasonal sales. Thirdly, our highest goal is to order just as much as is demanded, and thus we rarely order too much of something that subsequently needs to go on sale.

Moreover, as you might know, we believe in excellent quality. We design and produce Népras with the greatest care. We consider all aspects when creating new designs; what our seamstresses earn, what the environmental costs are and, last but not least, what kind of value we bring to you. You might notice that our profit is not the highest priority on our list.

We choose to run our business in the way we do because we want to support considered purchases. We believe in buying less and choosing well. In return for all of this, we hope you are ready to pay the full price for an item that is going to serve you potentially for years.

True cost of Saturnus Tights

You might wonder, what happens with your money once you make a Népra purchase. Maybe you’ve been thinking about how much the people sewing the items get paid. Or, perhaps, you have no idea about the cost structure of the textile industry.

We wax lyrical about how transparent a brand we are, we want to be open regarding the true costs of Népra. This is how our cost structure looks as we enter our fourth year in 2019.

Most of Népra’s income goes into the products; to pay for the items we have ordered, to order more stock, and to develop new items. The second-biggest share is the running costs of managing an online store. We pay for the website, third-party payment services when you pay for your order, warehouse storage and deliveries, along with accounting, insurances and banking. Different marketing actions take just a small portion of Népra’s income. After all this our salaries are paid; we get paid when something is left after paying all the other bills.