What is Népra?

Activewear that makes you feel good.

Népra is a holistic, minimalist and ethical activewear brand from Lahti, Finland. We aim to create long-lasting items, to keep our production chain as short as possible, and to be honest and transparent throughout the entire process. Népra activewear is produced by our manufacturing partner in Estonia. We source quality fabrics from Italy, where its key aspects are the feel and longevity of the material. We think about all the costs of creating activewear - not just the price tag on the rack.

Responsible Design Process is the core of Népra

Népra’s design mission is to make comfortable and unrestrictive items. In our opinion, the meticulous design process is at the very core of Népra’s quality. The fit of each item is the most important part of our activewear; we spend hours making the patterns as close to perfect as possible, to allow our activewear to fit perfectly on different bodies.

The second crucial Népra component is selecting the materials. We sweat and constantly move our bodies in our activewear. Népra activewear needs to feel comfortable while sustaining against abrasion, and it needs to last and last after many washes. This longevity makes our activewear environmentally friendly as well. With this picture in mind, we source the most comfortable and sustainable fabrics currently available to us.

Thirdly, the design of our activewear is based on us thinking, what do we really want to wear time after time? It is, for this reason, we want the Népra Store to be a place for simple, practical, and multifunctional items. Népra’s minimalist style makes it as timeless as the longevity of the fabrics we use.

We do not believe in traditional seasons. We create clothing, and then we launch it only when it is ready to be launched. Every single item has been carefully selected based on the ideals we value, and that will continue to be the case in the future.