March 12, 2020 2 min read

We have very important and exciting news for you! 

Népra Frog Band #wearnepra

For almost five years, Népra has been two ladies on a mission. Ama & Essi met in May 2015 the first time, and since then they have been working full-time building their vision for Népra; building a transparent brand, and working towards a more sustainable textile industry reality. It has been fun, but there have been many times when compromises have been made due to the lack of resources - especially that most valuable one, time. That said, these years have proved that two people can do a lot. Even so much that it feels insane! In the past year or two many people have been surprised when they realise Népra is, essentially, a team of two. 

Népra Frog Band #wearnepra

Now, it’s time to turn a new page and we are beyond excited! Last autumn, we got to know Elsa, and since then we have had meetings, written dozens of emails, and decided that Elsa’s skills and mindset match in the best possible way to our current situation. We are happy to announce that we have hired our first employee, although we are sure Elsa is already more than that. Népra is now three ladies on a mission, and because we know what two people can achieve, we are excited to find out what we can do as a team of three working full-time for our big picture as well as for the daily and monthly routine tasks. 

Let’s raise our coffee cups for Elsa and let’s frog and roll!

P.s. It's a real deal - Elsa loves coffee too!


Edited by Alex Burchell

Photos by Julius Töyrylä

Népra Frog Band #wearnepra

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