Trustworthy Partnerships

Activewear near to you
We do business only with partners that fully share our values. All partners are linked so that you can check their own websites online. Some partners share more information than others so this is why we have kindly asked them to tell us a few facts if the information is not available online.


Kamilla is our activewear manufacturing partner in Estonia. The company was founded in Tallinn in 1991. Their core business is in making outfits for ballet, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, and dancing, and that requires a wide but detailed skill set. This is why we have fully trusted their quality seamstress work from the very beginning.

The ladies in Tallinn help us make the final improvements to our patterns. They make their own prototypes every time to ensure they find the most effective and sustainable sewing methods for each garment.

During our partnership, we have both been growing. Kamilla has been able to develop their business by purchasing new technologies, hiring more people, and raising the salaries they pay staff.


Carvico /Jersey Lomellina is a fabric company from which we source our activewear materials. The company is located in northern Italy. All our activewear materials have Oekotex standard 100 certifications, which means no harmful chemicals are used in the fabric making process.

Fabric making is a highly technological process and here are some facts about how Carvico reduces their impact on the environment in the long-term. The company uses renewable electricity sources; between 2002 and 2017 they have been able to reduce energy consumption by 17.4%/tonne of finished product manufactured. 448 953m3of water is recovered and reused every year. That is approximately the annual water consumption of 7 000 people. 48.3% of the water used in production is recycled. 95% of the waste is recycled and reused. This equals 154 garbage trucks not emptying waste into landfill every year. 


Our lazywear items are made together with a Finnish company called Pure Waste. The company was born in 2014 on sustainable values. All their items are made using 100% recycled material, undyed, and responsibly produced in Pure Waste's own facilities in India. Soon they are expanding their production to Bangladesh to meet the increased demand for recycled fabrics.

Both countries are near the top when it comes to producing clothes, and thus also producing textile waste. It makes sense logistically to be located right at the source of the materials they use. In India, Pure Waste has their own facilities, from sorting out the waste to manufacturing new fabrics. In Bangladesh, they are going to produce in a factory that has BSCI certificate (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

We choose to work with Pure Waste because they are an amazing and innovative example of how there are thousands of ways to be responsible, transparent, and sustainable. We want to be part of their story and we want Pure Waste to be part of ours. They also have an excellent website with all the information you need about the ethical and ecological sides of their business.


Népra Socks

Our Népra socks are made in Ylöjärvi, Finland by Sukkamestarit. The company was founded in 1996 in Ylöjärvi. Sukkamestarit has a certification (avainlipputuote) for Made in Finland. All raw materials have Oeko Text 100 Standard certification and raw materials that come from “high risk” countries have to have additional certificates such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

Starting in 2018, our Nox Socks are made using a mix of organic cotton (instead of conventional cotton), polyamide and elastane.

Népra Gym Sacks

Our Népra Gym Sacks are made by Printscorpio. They are located in Aitoo, Finland. The print is also 100% digital so that it has less negative impact on the environment than traditional printing. A digital printing process does not consist of films and frames at all, and it uses only a fraction of colour compared to traditional printing methods.  

The company is overall committed to making better choices by improving their production methods to be less of a burden to the environment. They have been using renewable energy since 2010. In May 2018, they installed 228 solar panels and every fourth product is manufactured with the energy sourced from these panels.

Care labels & logo labels

We order our labels and ribbons from Tuotenauha from Lahti, Finland. The labels are customised for us in Lahti (e.g. printed).

The material of our care labels is polyester satin, transported to Lahti from Great Britain. Country of origin is China (the factory the British company uses).

The material of our logo labels (blue labels with white logo print) comes from Turkey.

The satin ribbon comes from France.