About Manufacturing Népra Wear


Kamilla is our activewear manufacturing partner in Estonia. The company was founded in Tallinn in 1991. Their core business is in making outfits for ballet, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, and dancing, and that requires a wide but detailed skill set. This is why we have trusted in their quality seamstress work from the day one.
The ladies in Tallinn help us make the final improvements to our patterns. They make their own prototypes every time to ensure they find the most effective and sustainable sewing methods for each garment.
During our partnership, we have both been growing. Kamilla has been able to develop their business by purchase new technologies, hiring more people and raising the salaries they pay.


Our lazy wear items are made together with a Finnish company called Pure Waste. The company was born in 2014 on sustainable values. All their items are made using 100% recycled material, totally (and uniquely) undyed, and responsibly produced in Pure Waste's own facilities in India.
They have chosen to be in India because of the high amounts of textile waste there; it makes sense logistically to be located right at the source of the materials they use. They have also built their own facilities, from sorting out the waste to manufacturing new fabrics.
Pure Waste is an amazing and innovative example how there are thousands of ways to be responsible, transparent and sustainable. They also have excellent websites with all the information you need about ethical and ecological sides of their business.


Our Népra socks are made in Finland by Sukkamestarit. The company was founded in 1996 in Ylöjärvi.