Our Sustainability Thinking

On this page, you can find out more about the background of our thoughts on sustainability.

Buy less & higher quality

We consider all the costs, not just the price on the rack

We want to keep our pricing at a fair level where we can secure ethical production and where we can take the environment into consideration.

We believe in excellent quality, and we design and produce Népras with the greatest care. We consider all the costs; what our seamstresses earn, what the environmental costs are, and finally, what kind of value we bring to you. In fact, these factors need to fulfil our standards before we add an item to our collection. In return, we hope you are ready to pay the full price for an item that is going to serve you in the long-term.

In general, it is important to take a step back from the throwaway culture we find ourselves in and just buy less, but use one item for a longer period of time. As a brand, there are many things we can do to make an item last. One goal is to think about our batch sizes carefully and provide timeless items without seasons. In this way, you can use an item much longer, and every year we are getting better at this!

Perfect fit & material choices

What makes us use an item time after time? Why do some items last longer than others?

We believe that our sustainable design process, a process we have been creating and improving almost four years now, plays the key role in Népra quality.

In general, sports clothing is used in demanding surroundings and even more demanding situations. Our favourite activewear is used weekly, if not more often, in challenging conditions. We lift heavy, we do burpees outdoors, and we sweat day after day in our activewear. The items stretch millions of times, they are washed frequently, and are probably left in the washing basket waiting to be washed while soaked in sweat. All these scenarios push the fabric and seams to their limits. How often does your normal clothing go through the same stress?

We at Népra aim high in creating activewear that functions and lasts in demanding conditions. When we move in our activewear, the items stretch thousands of times; an abrasive barbell rubs against the fabric over and over, and the rough flooring materials of the gym take a toll every time you do exercises on the floor. Our basic clothing won’t go through the same, so there are many things to consider when we create new activewear but also when you buy and take care of your activewear.

We, as an activewear creator, can do our best in choosing suitable materials that are well designed. For us, it is important that the material feels good on the skin but that it is also fit for the purpose we are planning the item for. We create the patterns so the seams don’t disturb the training or are placed in a way that they won’t last. We discuss the sewing methods with our manufacturing team to make sure we choose the most long-lasting ways to produce Népra activewear.


Finally, as we have pointed out, sustainability is a very complex topic. There is hardly only one way to do things right. This is why transparency is the key. The more openly a company talks about their concepts and supply chain, the more trustworthy it is. Being transparent gives a signal that the company has nothing to hide.

Personally, we trust those companies that are ready to share. We hope you appreciate our honesty and content as well.