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October 31, 2019 1 min read

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We believe very strongly in the new wave of the clothing industry, and we truly admire every small ethical brand owner growing their business year after year.

Firstly, we wanted to create this a free printable guide that helps you to orientate when changing your purchasing habits more sustainable. Feel free to download the ethical shopping guide for free and take a look at it every time you feel like purchasing a new item. 


Népra Free Ethical Shopping Guide

Get the PDF here

Secondly, we think that sharing is caring and wanted to make a shout-out to our favourite ethical brands. The list is not exclusive. We keep updating our ethical brand list over time. Feel free to suggest your favourites too!

We have checked every website thoroughly, and only accept brands that we know are transparent with their manufacturing principles.

Clothing for women (and children*)


Clothing for Men



Sport & Swim


Shoes & accessories


We hope you found new favourites! Remember to come back time to time if you need ethical brand inspiration. We try to update this list every now and then. 


Ama & Essi

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November 28, 2019

Suomalaisista merkeistä Alpa vaikuttaa tosi hyvältä ja eettiseltä. Olisikohan siitä hyvä lisä listaan eettisistä yrityksistä/tuotemerkeistä? :)

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