Our charity concept is taking a break

Our charity concept is taking a break

Since we founded the company, we have wanted to do good, give more than we take, and make an impact - not only in the textile industry but the world. Three years ago (2021), we created a charity concept. For every product sold online, we donated 50 cents to charity. In the first year, we had four different partners, and in 2022, we chose just one. The John Nurminen Foundation has been our main charity partner for all three years, and during this time, we raised a total of 4166€ for the Baltic Sea.

2024 / Shifting in priorities

This year, we find ourselves at a crossroads. After careful consideration and a thorough assessment of our financial situation, we made the difficult decision to discontinue our charity concept temporarily. This decision was not taken lightly, but it is a responsible step we must take to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of our company.

Like many others, our company has faced financial challenges over the past couple of years that have tested our resilience and resourcefulness.

Challenging times forced us to pause for a moment to reorganize our priorities and focus on our main purpose. For us, this means going back to our roots and focusing on the Népra core: responsibly made, high-quality, perfectly fitting, comfortable sportswear for every body.

Our commitment to making a positive impact on the world remains unwavering. We believe that to help others truly, we must first ensure the stability and growth of our own company. By securing our foundation, we are setting ourselves up to make even more meaningful contributions to charitable causes in the long run.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support during these more challenging times.

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Photos: Elina Manninen & Johanna Nordblad

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