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We want our activewear to function and last in demanding surroundings and even more demanding situations. Our favourite activewear is used weekly, if not more often, in challenging conditions. We lift heavy, we do burpees outdoors, and we sweat day after day in our activewear. The items stretch millions of times, they are washed frequently, and are probably left in the washing basket waiting to be washed while soaked in sweat. All these scenarios push the fabric and seams to their limits. 

Recycled Feel Good Népra Tights for Training

We launched Terra Tights in the Winter War in 2017 after spending the whole year developing a model that would be the opposite of Saturnus Tights, known for its thin, soft, and flexible fabric that feels like a second skin. We love our Saturnus model, and it has its time and place, but we were looking for a more robust variant to bring diversity into our basic collection. 

We wanted to create a pair of tights active women could count on and do this while using recycled fabric. We aimed to bring about comfortable training pants that are durable to fit many kinds of activities beyond the traditional fashion and sport-specific labelling. 

Speak Of The Frog Goodbye Terra

After four years, Terra Tights has found its place among CrossFitters, Weightlifters, and many more women driving an active lifestyle. However, every path has its puddle. Over the years, we have heard about the difficulties in choosing the right size and received claims about broken seams. We create our activewear items to last in the most demanding surroundings and sports, and therefore we can no longer accept these issues without trying to solve them. We have taken every feedback seriously and worked hard to find a solution, which will be here soon: we are launching Terra Tights 2 at the end of February.

Before launching the new version, we sell the last pieces of old Terra Tights and Terra Cropped with a 20% discount. If the current “old” version was already the perfect one for you, now is your last chance to buy a pair for the future.

What did we change in the new version?

We noticed that seams were the weakest link in our previous Terra Tights, so we replaced them with flat seams. Flat seams are more flexible and thus a better fit for our durable and abrasion-resistant Terra fabric. To preserve the minimalist look, we removed the outer side seam.

After receiving many questions about the sizing, we noticed that there is a need for an update. We changed the sizing more true to size, so in the future, you can order Terra’s in a size you usually use.

Terra Tights recycled activewear for women
What has changed:
  • Flat seams: Seams were the weakest link in our previous Terra Tights, so we changed them into flat seams. We also removed the outer side seam to preserve the minimalist look.
  • Sizing: We changed the sizing, and now you can order Terra’s in the size you typically use. True to size.
What hasn’t changed:
  • Material: made of the same thick and durable recycled material
  • Model: High waist with an elastic band in the back
  • Design: same minimalist & multi-functional look 
Recycled Terra Tights for active lifestyle

As much as we’d like, one size doesn’t fit all. We know that Terra Tights might not be the best pair of tights for all. As much as we would love to serve all of your needs, we need to focus on something with our limited resources. Keep sending us your feedback, and we will continue doing our best to serve your needs.

Frog Band 

Népra Activewear that makes you feel good

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